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Carefully designed, every detail of this sublime game embodies the essence of Provençal bastides and the infinite splendor of the sea.

The deep navy vegan leather exterior evokes the mystical tranquility of the Mediterranean, while touches of turquoise bring a freshness reminiscent of the crystal clear waters that caress the coasts of Provence. This marriage of colors creates a calming aesthetic, a reflection of the changing shades of the sea and sky.

The tokens, in pristine blue and white, are a visual metaphor for gentle waves crashing on Mediterranean shores. Each movement on the set becomes an elegant dance between the elements, capturing the spirit of the sea that rocks Provençal traditions.

Provençal bastides, fortresses anchored in the picturesque landscape of the south of France, inspire the robustness and authenticity of Bastide Backgammon. In the same way that these bastides have stood the test of time, this game embodies exceptional craftsmanship and durability that spans generations.

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Vegan Leather Backgammon

  • Flannel interior
  • Assembly in France
  • Comes with linen cover



  • Assortment of 30 acetate pawns, 31mm in diameter and 7mm thick
  • 6 16mm resin dice
  • 1 metal cube of 32mm (171g)
  • 2 vegan leather cups



  • Closed backgammon: 40cm x 29cm x 6.7cm
  • Backgammon open: 40cm x 58cm x 6.7cm