Backgammon Bonnemaison Saint-Tropez

About Us

Backgammon, this ancestral game steeped in history and conviviality, finds its place under the bright sun of Saint-Tropez, the pearl of the Côte d'Azur. For the creator, a young local enthusiast from this small, legendary village, backgammon is much more than a simple game. It embodies the authenticity and elegance of the South of France, an essence of conviviality that he has shared for a long time. decade with his loved ones. It was this passion that inspired him to create a luxury backgammon brand that embodies everything we cherish about Mediterranean living.

On my quest to bring this vision to life, I traveled the world in search of the best suppliers and the highest quality materials. Several years of research, meetings and inspiration finally led me to the creation of this first collection, "Pampelonne", named in honor of the world famous Ramatuelle beach.

Each piece is carefully crafted with premium vegan leather, a sustainable and eco-friendly option. Not only is this collection a statement of elegance and style, but it also represents a way to share special moments with your loved ones. A game of backgammon on our models is not simply a game, it is a moment of conviviality, sharing and pleasure, while appreciating the beauty of the south of France.

The history of backgammon, which dates back thousands of years, is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. This strategy game, which has spanned the ages, is a reflection of the timeless values ​​that we cherish. Just like Saint-Tropez, where tradition and modernity blend harmoniously, backgammon is a meeting between past and present, between authenticity and luxury.

We are proud to present our “Pampelonne” collection to you and invite you to immerse yourself in the richness of the Mediterranean through each game of backgammon that you share with your loved ones. May our passion for this age-old game and love for life on the Côte d'Azur be reflected in every detail of our creations. We hope that our luxury backgammon brand will bring a touch of elegance to your precious moments.

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